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12 months free warranty for your new wool carpet!
Wool Owners Warranty is the unique carpet and spot removal service for owners of wool or wool-rich carpet.
WOW! Warranty is designed to keep your quality carpets spotless during their lifetime.
Protect your investment with 12 months free warranty!
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Free WoolSafe Approved spot remover
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Free visit from a WOW Registered Carpet Cleaner
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Free telephone advice
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Free WoolSafe carpet stain cleaning guide app
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Free emergency spot removal call out service
Carpet Care
My customers love the reassurance of WOW, knowing that if the worst should happen and they can’t remove a spill then a professional cleaner will come and remove it for free!
Tom Cook Carpets, Evesham
"We purchased a beautiful Kingsmead Carpet from the Highland Fleece range and immediately registered it for the free WOW Warranty. The WOW Carpet Care Advisor, Andrew who came to deliver our bottle of WOW spray gave us some simple, great advice on how to correctly remove common household spills before they become stains. We were able to remove several spills ourselves and, thanks to his advice, didn’t need to call on Andrew for free spot removal. He came back after the first year and did a great job of cleaning the carpet ensuring we were covered by the warranty for a further year."
Mrs Elaine Lees, Blackwood, South Wales
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